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  • louis
  • harry
  • zayn
  • liam
  • niall

i realized i had my period like in the middle of ap lang and we were doing some intense like writing workshop thing and i coudln’t leave i was liek TF everything was wrong today basically LOL

kihonged asked:
the song 1985 by bowling for soup, the lead singer is the singer/VA for chuck e cheese. how fucked up is that, i can never unhear that damn rat from 1985 anymore.

i’m publishing this

There is a better world

i decided to post this even thought it’s unbeta’d af… there’s thomas and newt in the beginning, and i tried to separate newt and minho too. idk if i want to make them separate but they kind of have to be together. also it’s Gen, no pairings. i guess there’s some if you squint.

(ignore all grammar mistakes they are so secondary rn idc)

Canon AU: Newt wasn’t taken from the Berg or taken to the Crank Palace. Thomas and Co. return from their trip from Denver to find Newt  passed out. TRIGGER WARNING: for mention of suicide attempt(s) and suicidal thoughts. 

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one direction: this album's a bit more grown up, the lyrics are more mature
one direction: na na na na na


my dude straight up loving him some 1d


steal his look: back at it again at krispy kreme guy

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i hope someone steps up and releases steal my girl like, a half hour before one direction does just so they can learn to stay in their place